why is the ice cream man still out its so fucking cold 

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Anonymous said: I'm learning web development and programming. Everyone I know uses Apple tech and I've never been too partial to it. Eventually I'm going to have to bite the bullet and purchase a macbook. What would you recommend?

Macbook Pro

just the regular, I don’t think the retina display is needed, especially if you’re just programming 

I’ve been listening to Jennifer Hudson sing I’m Changing for the past hour I think

Anonymous said: Do you know anything about the hardware of macbooks? I moved something inside of mine and now my keyboard doesn't work.

nope, sorry

take it to the genius bar

honestly thank not only god but also jesus for hot apple cider k cups

Anonymous said: You said a long time ago to never use a MacBook Air as an only computer. May I ask you why? (Before I go out shopping for expensive shit, LOL)

I feel like its just a personal thing for me because I know a bunch of people who use macbook airs as their primary, and really it all depends on exactly what you’re gonna do with it

I like having more functionality (ethernet ports, SD Card slot, disk drive) and the macbook pro does have a faster processor so it can handle more

but if you’re young wild and free and want a cute fun n flirty computer for things on the go, 10/10 strongly recommend

my trackpad on my macbook is loose or something and it makes like extra little clicks it’s literally the most annoying thing